Our Halloween Room: Sorority House Edition

 I know Halloween was yesterday, but I just couldn't pass up showing y'all me and my roommate's room at the sorority house. We didn't really decorate for Halloween last year (or any other holiday for that matter) but we decided since it was our last year here, we would go all out. 

We found a pumpkin scented wall plug in thingy, and all the other decorations are from the dollar store. I'm not going to lie, we're so ready to rip these decorations down, and put up some Christmas decorations (and a Christmas scented plug in !!). Don't get me wrong, Halloween's great and all, but since we're not really doing anything for it this year, it's just not really anything special. 

These little lanterns are supposed to light up, but you know, we don't really have any batteries so therefore we don't really turn them on. But look how cute they are! We took the batteries out of our remote for a little bit to see how they would look, but they don't light up very bright, so we weren't really too concerned about it. 

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of our room is my desk light. I thought it would only be appropriate to put a bat on the light, because Halloween (duh) and BAT MAN!  And that's it for our room tour! 

Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you do your entire house? Or just a room? 

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