Musical Mondays: Miley Cyrus

This month's Musical Mondays series of music is going to be a bit different from last month. Out goes Halloween Music and in comes a bit of 'normal' music before you become inundated with Christmas music. One of the things that I hate about shopping is that they start playing Christmas music right after Halloween. I mean, come on! There is another holiday before Christmas comes.

So this month is kind of going to feature more pop artists, if you can call some of them that. Today I wanted to put on Miley Cyrus' song, Wrecking Ball. Now I know that Miley gets a lot of hate on the internet, and I'm not saying that I love what she's done in her professional life as of recently, but you can't argue that her songs aren't good...well maybe you could, but I love it so there. 

When wrecking ball came out, our neighbors in the sorority house (as in we share a wall) were OBSESSED with this song. There are so many parodies that came out and trust me, we watched all of them. So I learned the words to this song quite quickly. While I don't think it'll become one of my favorite songs ever, I do really like it. 

What'd you think of the song?

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  1. I really like this song. My husband cant stand Miley and thinks anything she does is horrible...despite anyone's personal opinion of her though, I think this is a good song!

    1. I'm not going to lie, I've been slightly obsessing over her new album. Parts of it aren't too awful! I couldn't agree more with you about this song though, loving it!


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