Musical Mondays: Bastille

Now, this is the last 'normal' song that is going to be on this blog for awhile because CHRISTMAS TIME is coming (:. So, today we have a band called Bastille for you. Now, when I first heard this song Pompeii I played it on repeat for weeks, literally.

The band comes from London, England, so if that doesn't make you want to check them out then I don't even know.  They've only been formed since 2010, and they're making a scene in a big way. It was this February that they released their first album, which is really really good! 

One of the comments on this youtube video was about their eyes, which made me laugh so hard. The exact comment "LOOK AT THEIR EYES, where's sam and dean when you need them?". Now if you watch Supernatural, which I was obsessed with (I may or may not have watched all seven seasons in about two months (during the summer/breaks of course).

What'd you think of the song/band?

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