Bright Eyes with Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara: Volume Flash Edition

Oh Rimmel. I have a soft spot in my heart for anything and everything Rimmel related so when I spotted this at a drugstore the other day (not 100% sure which one), I knew I had to have it. So I bought it to try it out. The fact that it had the Kohl Kajal eyeliner pencil in it just furthered my need for it. I hadn't tried it up until that point, so it was kind of a must buy. 

This brush (and packaging) is HUGE! It's a lot bigger than traditional design brushes, and since it was so big I was kind of nervous. I don't have very oily eyelids, and my eye lashes tend to hold a curl pretty well, so I don't need to buy waterproof mascara or anything like that. The actual mascara is pretty lightweight, and even though the brush is so big I didn't have too many problems applying the mascara. I like the fact that it's a more traditional brush too, because I hate the solely plastic bristle brushes.

Before! My natural eyelashes/face [I don't have any makeup on right now]
The above picture is a before shot, so you can kind of see my eyelashes. They're really long, but they're really blonde at the tips. They kind of curl up at the ends, but you can't see it because they're blonde. My eyelashes hold a curl really well, but for the picture below I didn't curl them, so you can see what the mascara actually does for my lashes.

After! You can see it really opened up my eyes quite a bit
For me, it held all day and I didn't really have any flaking. Plus, it was a lot easier to get off than some of my other mascaras, but to be honest that may be because it's not a waterproof mascara. My lashes stayed really high up all day, which is good for me because I wear my glasses a lot and when they start to fall I can usually tell...and it's annoying. The only problem that I had (which I have will all mascaras because I fail at applying mascara) is that it got onto my eyelids quite easily. But other than that, not an issue at all!

Overall, I really liked this mascara, and it's something that I would purchase again. The only problem that I really had with it was the fact that it's such a big tube and such a large brush for mascara. 

Have you tried this before? What did you think about it? 

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Disclaimer: I purchased this myself, not with the purpose of doing a review. I love makeup and have been trying to get better at doing my makeup, so I've been introducing new products into my daily usage. 

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