You Must be From The South

I couldn't tell you how many times at work, or walking around shopping or just traveling, that I've heard the phrase 'You must be from the south.' Every time that I hear this I always ask the same thing, how can you tell (though most times, it's more of a sarcastic question...oops). Although some of the reasons may be different a lot of the times they're similar. 

Some of the reasons I've gotten: you're walking around without shoes (I do this at work sometimes behind the desk whenever my shoes get wet from the rain), you've always seem to have sweet tea (once again, regulars at work…), it's the way you carry yourself, and last but not least it's the way you speak/phrase things.

So I've decided to put a little list together of 'How you know you're from the south.' Now, these are just examples that I've come to find that ring true throughout my family and some friends homes.

1. You may not have much in your fridge, but you'll always have cokes, sweet tea, and a snack you can whip up in a second.

2. You walk around without shoes on, not because you're 'country' but because it's just too damn hot most the time to wear shoes.

3. Whenever you offer someone a drink, if it's a coca cola product, you'll ask them if they want a coke and if they say yes you always ask 'what kind'.

4. You've always got something cooking, or a candle burning that smells like something's cooking.

5. You were raised to say yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir.

6. Weekends are family times, most weekends you've got something to do with your family. Whether it's for five minutes or five hours.

7. Whenever someone says something is spicy when you're away from home, you never believe them (because let's be honest, 9 times out of 10 it's not).

8. If you see someone on the street, regardless if you know them, you'll smile and say hello. You're friendly, it happens.

9. Football tends to take over during August-January. Don't even think about trying to schedule a wedding during this time. It's not happening.

10. And last but not least, you know you're from the south (at least for my family) when your speech starts to mix a little cajun french into normal day speak (and some new orleans dialect) and people don't even look at you like you're crazy. 

Have you ever gotten this? Or some form of this? 

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