Summer/Fall Empties - Part 2

This is a continuation of the last time I posted about empties. I don't have as many as last time, so no worries, it won't be too long!

CVS Nail Polish Remover: I really liked this, but lord knows I don't need to be repurchasing it anytime soon. I get nail polish remover (and nail polish) from my momma every Christmas, and sometimes from my dad as well, so I've got about three bottles of nail polish remover still waiting to be used.

China Glaze Top Coat & Base Coat: This is one of my favorite top coats and base coats. As you can see, there's still a little bit left, but they've gotten to the point where they tend to be a little gloopy so I have to throw them away. Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend them. I don't currently have a top and base coat (I need to go get a new one), so I think I'm going to pick this one up again.


Amika Nourishing Hair Mask: This was a sample of the mask that I received in my Birchbox a while back. I used it, and it was alright but I would definitely not buy it for myself. It's way too expensive and I'm sure there are other hair masks out there that do just as well. I'll be looking for one when I go shopping soon!

Love: Conditioner: I hated this. This was something that

Jurlique: Herbal Recovery Night Cream: This was also something that I received in my Birchbox and I absolutely loved it. I thought it smelled really nicely, and it actually worked pretty great for me. However, it's quite expensive. At $51 dollars, I don't know if I'd actually purchase this if I can find something that's quite like it without the same hefty price tag. 

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: Honestly, I used this product for as long as I could, but it just wasn't for me.For a while, I wasn't really sure how to apply the cream blushes but once I figured it out, I still wasn't a fan of it. I want to try a different cream blush to see how it compares.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush: I don't know if they make this anymore, but whenever I had it I really liked it. It was a little difficult getting into the pot as the product started to dwindle down. Though I didn't, and wouldn't repurchase it, it was a good blush while I had it. The only thing that I wasn't really a fan of was the consistency because it was a little odd, since it's a Mousse.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Scrub: I used this until the very end. I've repurchased it since then and cannot rave enough about this. I wasn't a fan of how pigmented it was (it was super pigmented for a lip gloss (type thing), because I've got extremely chapped lips! It is $22.50, which can be a little much for some people, but because it lasted so long no me and worked so well I think it's worth it (at least for me!).

ModelCo Fiber Lashxtend: I'm not really sure if I'm a good judge of this product because I absolutely hate Fiber mascaras. I wear contacts and I've found that a bunch of mascaras with fibers will fall into my eyes and really really aggravate me.

And that's it! Everything that I've used in the past couple of months.

What have you used in the past couple of months? 


  1. this is awesome!! I don't think i have an empty bottle of ANYTHING

    1. I'm trying so hard to go back and use everything that I have up before I buy new...lord knows that doesn't happen too often though!


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