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Well, my little sorority family. My actual family (plus extended) is actually pretty big, but that's not what we're talking about today. Sororities, and thus sorority families, are kind of a taboo thing in the little blogging world. There's so much negativity around sororities (or at least I feel like there is) in blog world and real life world. But I wanted to share about my little family, because I'm a senior and I feel old.

She's not my big, but she always made me feel welcome!

Now, when I first joined a sorority I didn't really want to be there. Let's be honest, you're joining an organization of all girls and plus there are so many rules and regulations and so many things you have to do, etc. But alas, I stayed (I mean, I'm still here..and I live in the there's that).

This is one of my littles - she's adorable
But this isn't about my sorority, or even my journey through the sorority life. It's about some of the girls that make it worth it (besides my friends of course). My family is pretty big. I have a twin, two littles, two grand littles, and now two great grand littles.

And then there were three - my grandlittle (and her best friend!)
You don't have to be active in your family, and in fact our family always says 'we're gonna go to dinner' but with our hectic schedules, we never really get to do it. My little and grandlittle are super close, and talk all the time. Whenever I see them I always get so happy. We can (and have) talked about anything and everything under the sun. It's a support system with a great group of girls that I wouldn't have had without the sorority.

My last bid day :( 
It's really weird for me to think that I won't be in college next year (hopefully!) and I won't be here to see all the new 'firsts' moments with getting a new addition to our family, or seeing the new members come through, or even just staying up late at night getting frozen yogurt and just talking for hours.

This years big sis/lil sis reveal was probably one of my favorite ones. We had our entire family here (not pictured is the other half!) and I didn't have to worry about making anything for anyone. It was so exciting to see my grand little get her grand little and when they saw each other they were just so happy!

While I'm sad to be leaving, I know that I've got a good person to leave the head of the family too. It'll be interesting to see how our family grows throughout the years and to see how everyone stays in contact with each other.

If you could choose three people to be in your 'family' who would you choose?

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