Musical Mondays: Stevie Wonder

Today's post for the series Musical Mondays is all about Halloween Music! The fall festival/holiday season is my absolute favorite time of  year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas back-to-back-to-back! Plus they have football!

My mom and dad both tend to go a little crazy during this time because when we were younger my parents would always go all out and decorate the house and bake and just go all out for the holidays. After we got a little older and had to go from house to house every other weekend, it was a little different during the holidays. 

Well, whenever I got into high school, my parents couldn't pry me away from the kitchen during the holidays (they still can't get me out of there). I love baking and cooking, but during the holidays I tend to become a little obsessive. The next few posts on Musical Mondays will be all Halloween themed, but I had to start it off with something classic! 

What'd you think of the song?

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