Musical Mondays: Cocorosie

Now, Cocorosie isn't really a Halloween band but their song Werewolf just seems to me like such a great song for Halloween. They have kind of a creepy sound to a bunch of their music, but I kind of love it!

The band Cocorosie is made up of two sisters, who were born in the US but created their band in Paris after meeting each other again for the first time in several years. They have five full length albums, which is a lot! Their music has a very interesting sound to it, unlike anything that I had really heard before being introduced to this song.

What'd you think of the song/band?

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  1. very fun! they come up in my pandora sometimes and i like it! xo

    1. It's such a different sound, but I can't get over them. I wish I would have caught them when they came down here! xx


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