How Do You: Stay Organized?

Hey y'all, some of my favorite kinds of posts that I look at are about how people stay organized. I have the tendency to overbook myself when it comes to different clubs, classes, work, internships, and sorority life, so I definitely need some kind of organization.

When school first started, I couldn't keep anything straight, so my little blog fell by the wayside. But have no fear! I'm back! And I spent a couple of weekends sitting down and typing out posts, some that I've been wanting to write for a while, and some that just popped up as I was writing.

I use a Lilly Pulitzer large agenda day planner for EVERYTHING that I need. They have so many different sections that I have a section for everything. Honestly, I'll probably get a different type of planner once I graduate, but for right now the year and a half works for me.  I bought the Tusk In Sun because, let's be honest, elephants are kind of the best (I may be a little obsessed with them).

Now: The Breakdown. The first section that I really use is the "Months" section. This is where I keep my blogs editorial calendar. Everything is written into it in pencil, just in case I feel like changing something up every now and then. Then we have "Dates to Celebrate", though I don't have anything in there right this minute, this is where I put a general overview of all my family's birthday. There are so many of us that I'm still trying to get everyones birthdays down.

The last section(s) that I use (and probably the most important) is the actual month by month breakdown. This is where I keep every assignment for class, test, homework, sorority event, work hours, internship important days, and even football games and extra curricular's that don't really fit into the category above.

I absolutely love this planner, though sometimes it can be a little small for me. Because I've got so much going on this semester (SENIOR YEAR!!) it sometimes seems like there isn't enough room. I didn't have a problem with it last semester, but then again I wasn't really doing as much.

What kind of planner do you use? 

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