Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Though I don't think I'm dressing up this year, or really doing much for that matter, I always love a good Halloween costume. I've seen this type of x-ray costume for a couple of years in a row now and kind of love it. Now, The shoes I've included here are something I'd definitely wear on any given day, especially those bootie heels (hello, bank account how are you??)

I think I may head to my dads house tonight to see all the little kiddies dressed up and running around. And maybe I can convince him to go and buy me a pumpkin so we can carve it (and then bake the pumpkin seeds). I'm not like *OMG PUMPKIN EVERYTHING*, but I do like pumpkin flavored things, in proportion of course.

I'm loving the tights more so than the dress, but then again, that's just because I've been loving pants a lot more than dresses this time of year (who am I!?). This is weird for me, because normally I live in my dresses and tights. 

What are you doing for Halloween? Anything exciting? 

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