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Today's post is all about dresses. I feel like dresses are one of those versatile items of clothing that you can wear year round. Just add some tights or a jacket and you're set. In the summer with flat sandals and peep toed wedges, while the winter brings closed toed heels and boots. I've found that even in the winter, I love the color white (yeah yeah, no white after labor day - see how much I care?) because it's so crisp. Though the darker colors tend to call my name a little bit more.

There's a slight theme to the dresses I chose here - fitted at the top, loose at the bottom (or structured). I'm not the biggest fan of my hips, so I'm usually looking to something to cover them up. The one exception here is the peplum dress on the second row, but then again it'll draw all the attention to my waist! So is it really different? Slowly but surely I'm learning to be more accepting of my hips but until then, lose fitting bottoms it is!

What are your favorites for winter? 

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  1. I love the green colour block shift dress, such a cute design! I have a habit of trying to hide my hips too, but I'm trying to stop that!
    emmerliejay x


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