Birchbox: September 2013

Well, this is September's Birchbox post. You know, better late than never. This is one of the better boxes I've received recently because I really like a lot of the items that were sent in the box!

A list of the products that I received in my box this month & a review of each:
  1. Ruffian Nail Lacquer ($10.00): This was a special collection that Ruffian paired up with Birchbox to create. I really really really loved the color that I received (Fox Hunt) and I even kept it on for more than three days (a miracle for me). The only problem that I really had with it was that it dried kind of quickly for me.
  2. willa Lavender Facial Towelettes ($7.00): I honestly couldn't tell you what these were for before reading the description, but apparently they're just made for you to cleanse and refresh your skin. Basically if you aren't wearing any makeup you can swipe it across your face to give yourself a fresh look. I liked the smell, but I'm not really sure if I would actually purchase something like this.

  1. amika Blow Up Spray ($24.00): I think that this is a texturizing spray that's supposed to help your hair look just like you go ta blowout, so there's that. I liked the smell and what I thought the product was supposed to do, but I already put so much product into my hair on some days I'm not sure that this is actually worth it for me.
  2. Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara ($20.00): Disclaimer: I would never pay $20 for a volumizing mascara (or any mascara for that). But regardless, this was an interesting product. Its a very wet mascara, so when you put it on you have to be extremely careful. Otherwise, I didn't have any fall out. Personally I would have loved to try a water proof mascara and see how that compared to the normal one.
  3. BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Genre ($75.00): I want this. Now. I would have never really considered myself a perfume person but lately Birchbox is changing that for me. This has to be my favorite scent that I've smelled in quite some time. I used all of it in the first two days and received SO many compliments. 
And those are the products!

Have you heard of any of these products or tried them? 

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  1. there's a birchbox style thing but for dogs and i want to get it!


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