A Halloween Tradition: Halloween Cookies

One of memories that stands out to me the greatest when I was younger was making these pre-cut cookies. In my family, my mom makes pretty much everything from scratch (which then transferred to my dad, and then to me), however the one exception she would always make would be for these cookies. 

Every holiday, not just for Halloween, we'd go to the store and pick up these cookies. They're one of my favorite things, and I still try to make them with my family today. My mom and I love to bake, but there's always room for a little bit of tradition. Now, they're not the most delicious cookies that I've ever eaten, but they're pretty good for pre-packaged cookies.

This is one of those traditions that I want to keep going with my children (one day, if I have them). It's something that I'll always think about and remember. I can remember sitting down and eating these with my brother and sister, bringing them to school in my lunch box in elementary school, and even eating them my first year in college with my then boyfriend. 

Plus, how cute are they? 

 Have you ever made these cookies? I love them...

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