Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Though I don't think I'm dressing up this year, or really doing much for that matter, I always love a good Halloween costume. I've seen this type of x-ray costume for a couple of years in a row now and kind of love it. Now, The shoes I've included here are something I'd definitely wear on any given day, especially those bootie heels (hello, bank account how are you??)

I think I may head to my dads house tonight to see all the little kiddies dressed up and running around. And maybe I can convince him to go and buy me a pumpkin so we can carve it (and then bake the pumpkin seeds). I'm not like *OMG PUMPKIN EVERYTHING*, but I do like pumpkin flavored things, in proportion of course.

I'm loving the tights more so than the dress, but then again, that's just because I've been loving pants a lot more than dresses this time of year (who am I!?). This is weird for me, because normally I live in my dresses and tights. 

What are you doing for Halloween? Anything exciting? 

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A Halloween Tradition: Halloween Cookies

One of memories that stands out to me the greatest when I was younger was making these pre-cut cookies. In my family, my mom makes pretty much everything from scratch (which then transferred to my dad, and then to me), however the one exception she would always make would be for these cookies. 

Every holiday, not just for Halloween, we'd go to the store and pick up these cookies. They're one of my favorite things, and I still try to make them with my family today. My mom and I love to bake, but there's always room for a little bit of tradition. Now, they're not the most delicious cookies that I've ever eaten, but they're pretty good for pre-packaged cookies.

This is one of those traditions that I want to keep going with my children (one day, if I have them). It's something that I'll always think about and remember. I can remember sitting down and eating these with my brother and sister, bringing them to school in my lunch box in elementary school, and even eating them my first year in college with my then boyfriend. 

Plus, how cute are they? 

 Have you ever made these cookies? I love them...

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My October Birchbox

It's that time of month again, no not that time. It's Birchbox time!  The months come and go and I'm always surprised with what comes in my boxes. This month, was actually one of the better ones!

This month was all about the Beauty Buzz. It was all about the products that people like to 'obsess' over. It's all about their favorites, some were award winners, celeb favorites, and even up and comers. They even have a magazine that includes cheat sheets to buzzwords and a round up of the top products and trends. 

Miss Jessie's Original Creme de Creme Conditioner [$16.00 for 12oz] - Well...I'm going to start with one of the worse products in this month's Birchbox. Now, I've never heard of this product before, and I don't know much about the line, but this did not do it for me. I found that it didn't condition my hair very well, and overall just really didn't do much for me. You see, the second I put it on my hair I wanted to cry. It smells like the toner that I used to use when I would dye my hair...not a good sign. So I took it off. My hair smelled like it the entire next day. I got two uses out of this sample, but I could have gotten more. I just couldn't do it again. The smell turned me off completely to this. 

Folle de Joie eau de parfum [$98.00 for 3.4 fl oz] - I really liked this perfume. Will I buy it when my sample runs out? Probably not. It's a very fresh, light perfume. It's quite flowery but it's definitely not overpowering by any means of the situation. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit [$24.50 for 3.3 fl. oz; 2 muslin cloths: 36 x 36 cm] There is nothing more in the world that I want for a cleansing product than this. I've lusted after this product for quite some time now, but I could never bite the bullet and just buy it. Luckily for me, I received this in one of my BirchBoxes. After trying it for a couple of days, it's already convinced me that I need to buy the larger bottle when this little one runs out. Now, you may be thinking that it's a little pricy for a cleanser, but trust me. It's for the best. It smells good, works great, and a little goes a long way.

ChapStick Hydration Lock: I mean, it's chapstick. What more can I say? It's supposed to be a new formula, but my lips are forever insanely chapped so it takes more than a little chapstick to help them. Do I like the smell? Not so much. Do I like the flavor? Not at all. But it'll do the trick whenever I need it to.

Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloths [$6.00 for 2] - These go with the Liz Earle cleanser that I received in my BirchBox. I'd definitely consider purchasing some more Muslin cloths if & when I do end up buying the full sized product. 

POP Beauty Acqua Lacquer [$14.00] - I absolutely, positively hated this product. From the weird applicator, to the really not so great formula, it's just not for me. The product smells really funny, and it is insanely tacky. It's one of those lip glosses that if you're riding in the car with the windows down, you'll definitely get it stuck in your hair. The applicator is not good for attempting to put it on, and it smells really funny. Will I buy this? Definitely not. I already gave it away.

And that's it! I liked my Birchbox this month and it was really good, besides the two products that we're really for me. 

Have you gotten a BirchBox recently? Would you sign up for it? 

Musical Mondays: Monster Mash

Of course, today on the week of Halloween I had to put the most quintessential Halloween song for todays Musical Mondays. I'm not really 100% sure what I"m actually going to do for Halloween this year, but I'm sure I'll have fun regardless. The past month has been crazy busy for me, so trying to plan anything out that isn't a top necessity has just gone out the windows for me.

The thing that I love most about this song is that it brings back so many memories for me. One of my favorite memories is in kindergarden, we used to have Halloween parties and wouldn't really get too much done during the day on Halloween or the day before, whichever it fell on. Something I distinctly remember about that was just dancing to this song over and over and over again. 

Do you have any memories to this song? What are you doing tonight for Halloween? 

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My Style Crush: Blake Lively

Alright, now I'm not too sure if I actually like Blake Lively's style more, or her Gossip Girl character Serena Van der Woodsen's style more. I love both of their styles (that sounds so funny to say), but I think I have to go with her Gossip Girl character's style a little bit more. Although her style is so put together in real life, and on the show, plus she's married to Ryan Reynolds so there's a win there too.

Who's your style crush lately?

My Little Family

Well, my little sorority family. My actual family (plus extended) is actually pretty big, but that's not what we're talking about today. Sororities, and thus sorority families, are kind of a taboo thing in the little blogging world. There's so much negativity around sororities (or at least I feel like there is) in blog world and real life world. But I wanted to share about my little family, because I'm a senior and I feel old.

She's not my big, but she always made me feel welcome!

Now, when I first joined a sorority I didn't really want to be there. Let's be honest, you're joining an organization of all girls and plus there are so many rules and regulations and so many things you have to do, etc. But alas, I stayed (I mean, I'm still here..and I live in the house..so there's that).

This is one of my littles - she's adorable
But this isn't about my sorority, or even my journey through the sorority life. It's about some of the girls that make it worth it (besides my friends of course). My family is pretty big. I have a twin, two littles, two grand littles, and now two great grand littles.

And then there were three - my grandlittle (and her best friend!)
You don't have to be active in your family, and in fact our family always says 'we're gonna go to dinner' but with our hectic schedules, we never really get to do it. My little and grandlittle are super close, and talk all the time. Whenever I see them I always get so happy. We can (and have) talked about anything and everything under the sun. It's a support system with a great group of girls that I wouldn't have had without the sorority.

My last bid day :( 
It's really weird for me to think that I won't be in college next year (hopefully!) and I won't be here to see all the new 'firsts' moments with getting a new addition to our family, or seeing the new members come through, or even just staying up late at night getting frozen yogurt and just talking for hours.

This years big sis/lil sis reveal was probably one of my favorite ones. We had our entire family here (not pictured is the other half!) and I didn't have to worry about making anything for anyone. It was so exciting to see my grand little get her grand little and when they saw each other they were just so happy!

While I'm sad to be leaving, I know that I've got a good person to leave the head of the family too. It'll be interesting to see how our family grows throughout the years and to see how everyone stays in contact with each other.

If you could choose three people to be in your 'family' who would you choose?

Musical Mondays: Cocorosie

Now, Cocorosie isn't really a Halloween band but their song Werewolf just seems to me like such a great song for Halloween. They have kind of a creepy sound to a bunch of their music, but I kind of love it!

The band Cocorosie is made up of two sisters, who were born in the US but created their band in Paris after meeting each other again for the first time in several years. They have five full length albums, which is a lot! Their music has a very interesting sound to it, unlike anything that I had really heard before being introduced to this song.

What'd you think of the song/band?

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My Style Crush: AnnaSophia Robb

Oh AnnaSophia Robb, also known as Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory & Carrie from The Carrie Diaries. Previous to being the star of The Carrie Diaries, I had no clue who this girl was. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've seen Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory but if I would have passed her on the street, I would have no clue who she was.

After seeing an episode The Carrie Diaries, because let's be honest I was super curious to see how the show played out, I became slightly obsessed with her style (on and off the show). On the show her style is a bit too out there for me, but that was (supposedly) the time. Off of the show, I'd say her style is more relaxed, though still put together quite nicely.

Who has been your style crush lately? 

Summer/Fall Empties - Part 2

This is a continuation of the last time I posted about empties. I don't have as many as last time, so no worries, it won't be too long!

CVS Nail Polish Remover: I really liked this, but lord knows I don't need to be repurchasing it anytime soon. I get nail polish remover (and nail polish) from my momma every Christmas, and sometimes from my dad as well, so I've got about three bottles of nail polish remover still waiting to be used.

China Glaze Top Coat & Base Coat: This is one of my favorite top coats and base coats. As you can see, there's still a little bit left, but they've gotten to the point where they tend to be a little gloopy so I have to throw them away. Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend them. I don't currently have a top and base coat (I need to go get a new one), so I think I'm going to pick this one up again.


Amika Nourishing Hair Mask: This was a sample of the mask that I received in my Birchbox a while back. I used it, and it was alright but I would definitely not buy it for myself. It's way too expensive and I'm sure there are other hair masks out there that do just as well. I'll be looking for one when I go shopping soon!

Love: Conditioner: I hated this. This was something that

Jurlique: Herbal Recovery Night Cream: This was also something that I received in my Birchbox and I absolutely loved it. I thought it smelled really nicely, and it actually worked pretty great for me. However, it's quite expensive. At $51 dollars, I don't know if I'd actually purchase this if I can find something that's quite like it without the same hefty price tag. 

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: Honestly, I used this product for as long as I could, but it just wasn't for me.For a while, I wasn't really sure how to apply the cream blushes but once I figured it out, I still wasn't a fan of it. I want to try a different cream blush to see how it compares.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush: I don't know if they make this anymore, but whenever I had it I really liked it. It was a little difficult getting into the pot as the product started to dwindle down. Though I didn't, and wouldn't repurchase it, it was a good blush while I had it. The only thing that I wasn't really a fan of was the consistency because it was a little odd, since it's a Mousse.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Scrub: I used this until the very end. I've repurchased it since then and cannot rave enough about this. I wasn't a fan of how pigmented it was (it was super pigmented for a lip gloss (type thing), because I've got extremely chapped lips! It is $22.50, which can be a little much for some people, but because it lasted so long no me and worked so well I think it's worth it (at least for me!).

ModelCo Fiber Lashxtend: I'm not really sure if I'm a good judge of this product because I absolutely hate Fiber mascaras. I wear contacts and I've found that a bunch of mascaras with fibers will fall into my eyes and really really aggravate me.

And that's it! Everything that I've used in the past couple of months.

What have you used in the past couple of months? 

Birchbox: September 2013

Well, this is September's Birchbox post. You know, better late than never. This is one of the better boxes I've received recently because I really like a lot of the items that were sent in the box!

A list of the products that I received in my box this month & a review of each:
  1. Ruffian Nail Lacquer ($10.00): This was a special collection that Ruffian paired up with Birchbox to create. I really really really loved the color that I received (Fox Hunt) and I even kept it on for more than three days (a miracle for me). The only problem that I really had with it was that it dried kind of quickly for me.
  2. willa Lavender Facial Towelettes ($7.00): I honestly couldn't tell you what these were for before reading the description, but apparently they're just made for you to cleanse and refresh your skin. Basically if you aren't wearing any makeup you can swipe it across your face to give yourself a fresh look. I liked the smell, but I'm not really sure if I would actually purchase something like this.

  1. amika Blow Up Spray ($24.00): I think that this is a texturizing spray that's supposed to help your hair look just like you go ta blowout, so there's that. I liked the smell and what I thought the product was supposed to do, but I already put so much product into my hair on some days I'm not sure that this is actually worth it for me.
  2. Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara ($20.00): Disclaimer: I would never pay $20 for a volumizing mascara (or any mascara for that). But regardless, this was an interesting product. Its a very wet mascara, so when you put it on you have to be extremely careful. Otherwise, I didn't have any fall out. Personally I would have loved to try a water proof mascara and see how that compared to the normal one.
  3. BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Genre ($75.00): I want this. Now. I would have never really considered myself a perfume person but lately Birchbox is changing that for me. This has to be my favorite scent that I've smelled in quite some time. I used all of it in the first two days and received SO many compliments. 
And those are the products!

Have you heard of any of these products or tried them? 

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

I've been obsessed with all things Baby Lips for quite some time now. I own(ed) four total (until I lost three of them..). There are so many reasons why I love these, but the top one has to be because it's a tinted lip balm. My lips can get pretty chapped really easily, especially during the winter months, so sometimes it can be difficult to wear lipstick and actually have it look decent.

This specific line of Baby Lips is called Dr. Rescue and it smells SO good. I love the smell of menthol (like Vicks), so these are right up my ally. However if you hate that smell, I'd say stay away! They are even said to be able to heal sore lips and cold blisters. It took a couple of swipes on my hand for the color to show up, but on my lips it was quite easy. I bought the color Berry soft, and it's like a  'your lips but better' color, at least for me!

Ever since these shades came out, which was not too long ago, I haven't been able to find the normal baby lips, so for me these will definitely replace the originals for me. I bought mine at a Rite Aid near my house, but you should be able to find them in other drugstores and walmart!

Have you tried these yet? Do you like them or do you think they're a 'glorified lip balm'? 

The Best [My Favorite] Halloween Movies

It's my favorite season, Holiday season, which means that it's time for different movies, traditions, and foods. First up, the best my favorite holiday movies, as told by gifs [pronounced like GIFT without the T :)].

1. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

2. Halloweentown (The original)

3. Hocus Pocus

4. Beetlejuice

5. Monsters Inc.

6. The Adams Family

7. Corpse Bride

8. Ghost Busters

9.  The Nightmare Before Christmas

10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

What are your favorite Halloween movies? 

Musical Mondays: This is Halloween

Today I had to stay on the 'classic' Halloween theme and put in one of the songs from one of my favorite Halloween movies (more on those to come). I have to think that the Tim Burton movie, Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies growing up, even though it kind of scared the crap out of me one of the first few times that I saw it. 

The movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, was made in 1993 and is a stop motion film. One of the things that I like the most about the movie is the fact that it is a stop motion film. So much hard work goes into it, and I feel like they don't really receive enough credit. 

What are some of your favorite Halloween songs? 

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