Tough Transitions: Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall

I don't know about you (but I'm feeling twenty twooo...jk), but I'm not really great when it comes to transitioning between summer and fall. Usually there are a few awkward weeks (or months if you live in the south like I do) that are impossible to dress properly for. It's either too hot, or too cold. The mornings are freezing but then by the time it hits noon it's about 87 degrees outside again. 

What works for me during this time is usually either long pants with a tank top or shorts with a huge sweatshirt/jacket. Now, I'm always cold (really, almost always), so I've always got a sweater or a scarf in the backseat of my car to grab and go. During the morning it's perfect to have a little scarf on, since it's so easy to take off and just throw in my purse when I'm done! 

What is your go-to style during the awkward transitioning months?

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