My Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Long sleeve sweater / H&M long sleeve shirt, $31 / Party rock shirt / Forever New side zip shorts, $45 /
 J.Crew j. crew shorts / Hot pants / Converse shoes / Accessorize thong sandals / ASOS flat sandals, $34

Whenever I think back to my Friday nights in High School I can't help but smile at all the memories. There were football games, boys, friends, lots of snacking, up late at night, and the most ridiculous clothing choices sometimes. 

One of the main events when I was in high school was going to the football games. Since I went to an all girls high school, we supported our 'brother school' - the boys school down the street. Going to an all girls high school definitely had it's perks, but I will never forget how nervous we would all get before getting out of the car at a football game, going see the boys.  

One thing that I would surely change if I could would be the outfits that I wore. Sometimes we got dressed up and looked cute, but most times it was shorts and a t-shirt with the schools name across it. If it was a big game, we'd go all out and paint our faces and put glitter in our hair. 

Nowadays, I'm going to college football games and supporting my school. Instead of shorts and t-shirts, it's dresses and skirts with nice tops and necklaces and earrings (welcome to the south). If I could wear anything in the world that I wanted to a game, it'd probably be like one of the above outfits. 

What do you wear to football games? 

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