Musical Mondays: Lana Del Rey

I'm not going to lie, when I first heard Lana Del Rey's music I was not impressed, not in the least. But the more that I started to listen to the music, the more interesting I became. Then I went see The Great Gatsby. Now, many people who know me, know that I did not like the movie for what it was, but the soundtrack I loved. 

I saw the movie while I was in Italy, and our internet was pretty shoddy, so finding out who was on the soundtrack/where I could get it from had to wait until I got back to the states...only I forgot about it because when I got back I pretty much slept for three days straight. 

Only recently when some of her songs have been popping up on my spotify (thanks to a couple of friends who I follow), did I even remember that I wanted to look her up (to say life has been busy lately would be an understatement). 

Have you ever listened to one of her CDs? Do you have a favorite song by Lana? 

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