Musical Mondays: Ben Folds

No, this isn't a real music video, but it's a really great song. It's called Picture Window by Ben Folds. One day when I was driving home from school back to my dads house this song came on the radio. That night I had decided to take the 'long way home' (which really means that it takes me 30 minutes instead of 20). It was dark and I was having a kind of bad day. Something about his voice and the lyrics made me stop and just think for a second, slow down for a second. 

I'm not going to lie, it's not an uplifting or fun song, but it's a sort of peaceful song. When you're having a bad day sometimes it's just good to find something calming to listen to, and on that day, this song was what did it for me. 

What's your favorite calming song? 

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