Musical Mondays: The 1975

I'm officially welcoming myself back to the world of blogging this week with today's episode of Musical Mondays. Today's band is called The 1975 and dear god they've taken our room by storm. I hadn't really heard of this band much until my roommate became obsessed with them. After that, it was every man for himself.

A little bit of background: The band is from Manchester/Wimslow/Bollington, England, and is made up of four different members. They have a couple of EPs (four to be exact), and they just released their first album (self-titled) on the 2nd of September! By the 8th of September, their album had hit the number one spot on the UK charts, and I have a feeling that they'll make their breakthrough in the US soon enough.

Besides the fact that the band is full of attractive men, the lead singers voice is smooth like chocolate (get it! the song is called chocolate....)...moving on. It really is a good band, and I'd definitely recommend you checking them out if you like attractive men, with beautiful accents, and even better singing voices.

What'd you think of the song/band?

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Musical Mondays: Ben Folds

No, this isn't a real music video, but it's a really great song. It's called Picture Window by Ben Folds. One day when I was driving home from school back to my dads house this song came on the radio. That night I had decided to take the 'long way home' (which really means that it takes me 30 minutes instead of 20). It was dark and I was having a kind of bad day. Something about his voice and the lyrics made me stop and just think for a second, slow down for a second. 

I'm not going to lie, it's not an uplifting or fun song, but it's a sort of peaceful song. When you're having a bad day sometimes it's just good to find something calming to listen to, and on that day, this song was what did it for me. 

What's your favorite calming song? 

My Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Long sleeve sweater / H&M long sleeve shirt, $31 / Party rock shirt / Forever New side zip shorts, $45 /
 J.Crew j. crew shorts / Hot pants / Converse shoes / Accessorize thong sandals / ASOS flat sandals, $34

Whenever I think back to my Friday nights in High School I can't help but smile at all the memories. There were football games, boys, friends, lots of snacking, up late at night, and the most ridiculous clothing choices sometimes. 

One of the main events when I was in high school was going to the football games. Since I went to an all girls high school, we supported our 'brother school' - the boys school down the street. Going to an all girls high school definitely had it's perks, but I will never forget how nervous we would all get before getting out of the car at a football game, going see the boys.  

One thing that I would surely change if I could would be the outfits that I wore. Sometimes we got dressed up and looked cute, but most times it was shorts and a t-shirt with the schools name across it. If it was a big game, we'd go all out and paint our faces and put glitter in our hair. 

Nowadays, I'm going to college football games and supporting my school. Instead of shorts and t-shirts, it's dresses and skirts with nice tops and necklaces and earrings (welcome to the south). If I could wear anything in the world that I wanted to a game, it'd probably be like one of the above outfits. 

What do you wear to football games? 

Musical Mondays: Lorde

Going through sorority recruitment, you spend a lot of time with a bunch of girls. It's a fun experience...and an interesting one to say the least. This year I feel like I learned the most about people through their taste in music.

One of the singers that was brought up the most is Lorde, you know the girl whose singing above. But here's the thing. Listen to this girl sing for three minutes...SHE IS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. I'm sorry, what?!

This girl is seriously talented, and beautiful. If you haven't heard of her or her music you should check her out. She recently filled in for Frank Ocean (another favorite of mine) when he got sick recently at a festival (no big deal). 

When was the last time that you heard someone so talented? 

Take Me Home Tonight

It's FOOTBALL SEASON. Anyone who lives in the south knows how much of a big deal football is. You see, it's not only a sport, it's a way of life. We have a t-shirt that one of the local companies makes down here that has the seasons on it: crawfish, snowball, football, and mardi gras. It makes sense to us, but a lot of people look at it really strangely. 

Let me try and break down football season for you real simply. You see, it's not only a sporting event, it's a social event as well. All the girls get dressed up in pretty dresses, or skirt/shorts and a cute top, and walk around for a good 4-5 hours before the games starts. Some girls are in cowboy boots, some are in flats, but everyone looks really well put together. 

You walk around campus going from tailgate to tailgate where there's so much food and drink you can't really even make up your mind of what you want. You talk with your parents (if they're there) and your parent's friends because depending on what they do, it's a potential job opportunity. 

Then the games: there are so many games/drinking games going on all around you. There's beer pong, flip cup, trying to get bean bags into cut out holes (I can't ever remember the name of this game to save my life), and so much more. It's fun, it's hilarious to watch, and there's never a dull moment. 

About an hour or an hour and a half before the game starts, you start making your way over to the stadium to watch the band run down the hill. It's always funny the first game, because they don't tell the freshmen in the band that they're running down the hill (while playing their instruments) and the look on their faces are usually some of pure shock. 

Afterward you make your way into the stadium and grab your seat, then depending on how hungry you are you get nachos and a burger (and split it with your friend), and a diet coke/water. Then you stand and watch the game. It's quite an event. But it's one of my favorite things in the world, and I'll definitely miss it when I graduate. 

Do you like to go to football games? What's your favorite memory? 

Tough Transitions: Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall

I don't know about you (but I'm feeling twenty twooo...jk), but I'm not really great when it comes to transitioning between summer and fall. Usually there are a few awkward weeks (or months if you live in the south like I do) that are impossible to dress properly for. It's either too hot, or too cold. The mornings are freezing but then by the time it hits noon it's about 87 degrees outside again. 

What works for me during this time is usually either long pants with a tank top or shorts with a huge sweatshirt/jacket. Now, I'm always cold (really, almost always), so I've always got a sweater or a scarf in the backseat of my car to grab and go. During the morning it's perfect to have a little scarf on, since it's so easy to take off and just throw in my purse when I'm done! 

What is your go-to style during the awkward transitioning months?

The Semester in Which I Disappear

So...let's just have a little chat for a minute, why don't we. I'm a senior this year (yay!), but with senior year comes a long list of responsibilities that (so far) I've decided I don't really want. You see, the question that my parents, teachers, friends, and friends parents keep asking is quite tough. What are you going to do after you graduate? 

I don't know what I want to do. I don't know if I want to go to graduate school or if I want to have a bunch of internships or even if I want to just find a job and see how it goes. So far, I've decided I'm not taking the GRE this year, and I'm not going to apply for graduate school for a year. 

What that means to my parents is that these next two semesters need to go perfectly, which would be fine and all but I've decided that this semester I'm taking 18 hours, working a job, working an internship, and possibly getting another job...while being in a sorority and trying to have a life outside of working (HA!). 

With the classes I'm taking, I have to do a lot of fieldwork (going to different places and making observations and writing really long boring papers, as well as student teaching). So this semester my little blog may be a little neglected, but I'm going to try and keep up with the postings and everything going on. Breaking news: I do in fact schedule my posts, which means I'm able to get everything written out on the weekends and just updating my instagram and twitter on the daily! 

Are you in school? How do you like this semester so far? 

Musical Mondays: Lana Del Rey

I'm not going to lie, when I first heard Lana Del Rey's music I was not impressed, not in the least. But the more that I started to listen to the music, the more interesting I became. Then I went see The Great Gatsby. Now, many people who know me, know that I did not like the movie for what it was, but the soundtrack I loved. 

I saw the movie while I was in Italy, and our internet was pretty shoddy, so finding out who was on the soundtrack/where I could get it from had to wait until I got back to the states...only I forgot about it because when I got back I pretty much slept for three days straight. 

Only recently when some of her songs have been popping up on my spotify (thanks to a couple of friends who I follow), did I even remember that I wanted to look her up (to say life has been busy lately would be an understatement). 

Have you ever listened to one of her CDs? Do you have a favorite song by Lana? 

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