Under the Tuscan Sun

Whenever we were coming to Italy, my friends Joanna and Casey and I decided that we wanted to stay for a little bit after the program ended.  We decided that renting a villa in Tuscany would be our best bet. It’s a beautiful area and if we rented a car than we could just drive to cities around us and explore! I’ll post more about renting the car later, but it’s probably one of our best decisions.

So, anyways, we stayed in a villa/apartment in Tuscany and it was absolutely beautiful. The area that we stayed in is actually called Greve in Chianti, which is wine country.  Joanna’s boyfriend, who is from Ireland, came in to see Jo (from now on I’ll just call Joanna, Jo). So we packed four of us in a car, and headed to find our apartment. We would jokingly say that we were having ‘adventures’ when we would get lost in Italy, without a GPS, and sometimes without a map.

Back to our apartment/villa thing. The views were absolutely stunning. Jo and her boyfriend stayed in one room and then Casey and I stayed in another. It was really such a beautiful view, and I’m SO glad that we stayed here. Except for that one time that we accidentally set off the alarm and the power to our apartment....and there were two people in the entire town that actually spoke a little bit of English.

Have you ever seen Under the Tuscan Sun? 

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could teleport... I'd be there in a heart beat.


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