The Leaning Tower of Pizza?

Just kidding, it was the leaning tower of pisa that we went too...though I'd love to see a tower of pizza. Anyways, one day while we were driving around and decided to go to Pisa. Now, we knew that we only needed to be there for two hours tops. The city of Pisa is super tiny and the only thing there is really the leaning tower of Pisa, and their Duomo. 

As we drove up to the city, our immediate thoughts were literally: 'that's it'? It looks so much bigger in pictures than it does in person. You could climb to the top of it, but it was so hot outside that we decided not to. Instead, we just looked at it and left. We ended up going to the beach near Pisa...well kind of...we got a little lost trying to find it. It wasn't what we were expecting, but we had such a great time anyways. 

Would you climb up the tower? Or just look at it and leave like we did? 

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