The Greatest Town of Them All: Siena

If someone told me that I could only choose one city of all the cities I visited in Italy to choose as my favorite, I'd have to pick Siena hands down. There's something so magical and perfect about this city. Now a lot of people don't really follow me on that, or say that there are so many 'better' cities in Italy. Well, every city has a different fell and Siena was perfect for me. 

In Siena, they have this thing called the Palio which is a giant horse race that they have in the center of their town every year. It's held twice a year, once in July and the second time in August. Each neighborhood is called a 'contrada', and the contrada each have a symbol that marks their neighborhood. It was amazing to walk around the city and see the different symbols in the neighborhoods. You can always tell whenever you walk into a different neighborhood because the light fixtures change with the neighborhood. 

There are seventeen contrade total, but my favorite has to be the torre, which is the tower contrada whose symbol is the elephant. Only ten contrade get to participate every year, the seven that didn't participate last year, and three that are chosen by a drawing. The last time that the Torre contrada won was in 2005. I fell in love with this city, and would love to go back; maybe even live there one day. 

Have you ever heard of Siena's Palio before? 

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