Summer Treats: Sangria

Summer Treats: Sangria

Beach cover up / NARS Cosmetics matte blush, $33 / 

This summer I spent a lot of time in Italy, which means that Sangria was top on the list of things we drank..a lot. It's one of my favorite summer treats of this summer too. While I don't have a good sangria recipe (because let's face it I buy Sangria in a box all the time), I do have a lot of sangria colored things. 

Top of my list is this summer of things that I want to buy are both NARS lip liner and matte blush in the colors 'sangria', fitting! The Essie color is also called Sangria. I'm only slightly obsessed with Essie, and this color has been on top of my list recently for quite some time. Anything with the color of sangria will forever be a great summer staple.

Do you have any summer staples? 

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