Shopping Haul: Banana Republic

Whenever we were in Florida, we went to the outlet mall and one of the places (actually the last place that we stopped at) was Banana Republic. Welllll I kind of went crazy, you see I love bright colors, and this time Banana Republic was all about bright colors. 

I ended up buying an even amount of shorts/pants and tops here, and I've been living in the shorts ever since. They are possibly the most comfortable shorts that I've ever worn. They have two different types of fits that I saw: the Ryan fit and the Martin fit. Personally, I love the Ryan fit a lot more than the Martin fit but that's just me. 

The tops were absolutely perfect too. Tank tops are exactly what I need during the hot summer months, plus how can I pass up any kind of purple top? Hello, game days! 

Do you shop at Banana Republic ever? 

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