Final Portfolio: An Abstraction of Italy

The main reason that I went to Italy was to study abroad, though I may have had ulterior motives for wanting to go. When I first applied, I was unsure of what classes I wanted to take. I was for sure taking Advanced Oral Communications because that was the entire reason behind me applying (or so I told my parents!), so I could try and finish my minor early. But otherwise I had an entire other credit to take.

I'm a history major, so I really didn't want to take a 4000 level art history class that wouldn't count for anything other than just an elective, so I settled for 1013 - Introduction to Studio Art Abroad (Photography). In the end, I'm glad I took the photograph course because I learned so much more about how to use my camera. However, I really do think that I would have gotten more use out of taking the 4000 level art history course.

At the end, for photography, we had to submit a final portfolio. It was a daunting task because it could be anything. Any picture you've taken over the past month. At first it sounded really easy, but then we all realized that we had all taken around 3,000 pictures since we've been there.

It took me about a week, but I finally decided to do an abstract look around Italy. Honestly, the reason I had chosen this topic was because I had scored the highest on the abstract assignment earlier. But I figured since I'd worked on this for a month, I'll go ahead and show my final portfolio here! I ended up getting an A on my portfolio, so thank the lord it turned out well.

Have you ever taken a photography class? Did you like it? Or would you be willing to take one? 

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