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Today’s post is all about a woman named Eva Chen. You’re probably thinking, why would I want to know who this woman is? Well, let’s just say she’s one of the youngest editor-in-chief’s in quite some time. She’s in her early thirties and she’s insanely active on many different social media platforms, such as twitter, and instagram. 

Lucky is quite a young magazine, it’s only about 13 years-old, and it’s already starting an overhaul. They’ve already started a lot of changes to the magazine, and Chen is another big change. While Eva’s from New York City, she didn’t start out in fashion. In fact, she started out in the Medical field, and then one summer when she interned with Harper’s Bazaar she decided to switch majors. Obviously for her, this turned out to be a great decision.

A quote that was given by her states: “On day two at the [law] firm, I realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. But – and this is something I always stress to people in their teens, 20s, and 30s – making a mistake is not a bad thing. It’s more instructive to learn what you don’t like than just to like everything.” Since I’m graduating soon, this is something that I look at quite frequently. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I know that mistakes are kind of expected after that.

Her first issue is their September style issue, and features Blake Lively.  The issue hit stands in New York City early, but to everyone else it will be available on August 6th. Her first cover looks very promising, and if the inside is anything like the outside I can’t wait to take a look and see.

You can check out her instagram , her twitter, and she’s even got a tumblr!

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