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One of the things that I’m insanely interested in is fashion and the ‘fashion world’.  It wasn’t until I graduated from high school that I really took an interest in it. It helps that I went from wearing a uniform 5 days a week, to wearing whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Finally having the freedom in college to wear what I wanted proposed an entirely new challenge. I had to figure out my style, a style that I’m still developing. For me, this meant looking a lot of magazines, blogs, twitter accounts, pictures on billboards, and browsing stores online and in the actual store.

While my blog isn’t a ‘fashion blog’, on the weekends I’m going to start more fashion postings. That way, if you want to read the post it’ll be on your blog reel for the weekend, but if you don’t you can just skip on past it! I’ll be featuring different articles, videos, news about different fashion houses, and fashion week(s). So pretty much anything and everything! 

If you have any comments, or suggestions just let me know.

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