An Outfit to Run Errands

Running Errands

This week's challenge was to create a look that you would wear to go and run errands in. Personally, I don't have too many errands to run during the summer, but once school starts I am always on the go. For me, I need to be wearing flats whenever I'm running errands because let's face it, I'm wayy to clumsy to wear anything else to walk around.

I tried to create something that was really comfortable but that looked nice and professional at the same time  because god only knows who you're going to run into. I'll (hopefully!) have an internship this fall with a museum, so I need something that can go from class to work to internship mode and be super comfortable as I'm running across campus to get into my car. I think this outfit will do that. 

What's your favorite article of clothing that is super comfortable but professional?

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