Musical Mondays: Arctic Monkeys

The band above is called the Arctic Monkeys, and I'm going see them in October (yes I already have tickets). I don't really know much of their music -- maybe one or two of their songs -- but from what I've heard they're pretty great. My roommate is slightly obsessed with them, so the second that they announced they were coming she had tickets. I was in Italy when she found out and she texted me and told me she would buy my ticket, I just had to pay her back (which I accepted gladly). 

To prepare myself to see them in stage I'll be putting their albums on non-stop. I'm the kind of person who loves to go to concerts, regardless of if I know the music well or not. Listening to a little bit of their music it seems like they're a pop-dance type band, which is right up my ally. If you're into any kind of music like that, I would totally say to give them a chance.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately? 

Final Portfolio: An Abstraction of Italy

The main reason that I went to Italy was to study abroad, though I may have had ulterior motives for wanting to go. When I first applied, I was unsure of what classes I wanted to take. I was for sure taking Advanced Oral Communications because that was the entire reason behind me applying (or so I told my parents!), so I could try and finish my minor early. But otherwise I had an entire other credit to take.

I'm a history major, so I really didn't want to take a 4000 level art history class that wouldn't count for anything other than just an elective, so I settled for 1013 - Introduction to Studio Art Abroad (Photography). In the end, I'm glad I took the photograph course because I learned so much more about how to use my camera. However, I really do think that I would have gotten more use out of taking the 4000 level art history course.

At the end, for photography, we had to submit a final portfolio. It was a daunting task because it could be anything. Any picture you've taken over the past month. At first it sounded really easy, but then we all realized that we had all taken around 3,000 pictures since we've been there.

It took me about a week, but I finally decided to do an abstract look around Italy. Honestly, the reason I had chosen this topic was because I had scored the highest on the abstract assignment earlier. But I figured since I'd worked on this for a month, I'll go ahead and show my final portfolio here! I ended up getting an A on my portfolio, so thank the lord it turned out well.

Have you ever taken a photography class? Did you like it? Or would you be willing to take one? 

An Evening in Milan

Oh, Milan. You were such a beautiful city and you may have stolen my heart (though not fully). I don't really have too much to say about Milan, even though it was the only city that I was actually in by myself. Since we had been in Rome for so long, I had figured out the Italian transportation system.

Musical Mondays: Moon River

For as long as I can remember, my mom has adored Audrey Hepburn, and she loves Breakfast at Tiffany's. When I finally sat down to watch it about a year or two ago, I fell in love immediately. There's something about living in New York, and Cat, and Tiffany's that is just so perfect. Plus, Audrey Hepburn is pretty much perfect as well. 

I read an article in some magazine recently when I was in Rome about her life in Rome and how much she loved it there and it just made me fall in love with her even more. Anyways, I've heard this song before I saw the movie, we even sang it as a choir one year in high school. I've loved it ever since we sang it. There's something that so hauntingly beautiful about this song, especially when Audrey sings it.

Have you ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? Or have you heard this song before? 

Fashion Profile: The CFDA

What is the CFDA? Does anyone acutally know what their initals stand for? I sure didn’t until about a year ago. In case you’re wondering the CFDA stands for council of Fashion Designers of America, and accourding to their twitter byline they’re “a not-for-profit trade association of America’s foremost fashion and accessory designers.” Basically, they’re a council who are looking to award up-and-coming designers to help them launch their career (or further their career).

The CFDA was founded by Eleanor Lambert, who originally came from the world of art in the 1920-30s, though it wasn’t until 1962 that she created the CFDA. When she passed away in 2003, an award was created in her memory that celebrates an individual(s) for their contribution to the fashion world.

Currently Diane von Furstenberg is the president of the CFDA, and has been since 2006. Some of the biggest names in fashion are a part of the CFDA, and many of them sit on the Board of Directors, such as: Michael Kors (the VP), Vera Wang (General Secretary), Tory Burch, Kenneth Cole, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and even Ralph Lauren.

If you want to check out their website, or if you want to learn even more about them  you can check out their  twitter, facebook, pinterest and even a tumblr!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I think I used this picture in the same post last year for my dad's birthday, but it's one of my favorites. It was taken last year at our family beach trip, and it brings back good memories. Today's my dad's birthday, so after I get off of recruitment I'll stop by and see him to celebrate his birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Dad. 

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