Trip to Get My Computer Fixed: Porta di Roma

So dead. So very dead. 
Earlier I shared about how my computer crashed in Venice, well today’s story is about how we tried to go and get it fixed. Y’all, the Italian transportation system can be SO aggravating sometimes. However, other times it’s the greatest thing ever. This day, it just so happened to be the former, rather than the latter. Luckily for me, my friend Joanna told me she would come along with me so I wouldn’t be traveling outside Rome by myself. The place where the Apple Store is located is called Porta di Roma, which should be about an hour ride from where we were staying. This trip, however, took us a good two and a half hours.

Still nothing.
Our day started out pretty normal, until we tried to find the bus. Apparently we got on the wrong bus, well the right bus just going the wrong way. So we road the incorrect b us for an hour before realizing what we had done. We hurriedly jumped off at the next train station stop, and hopped on a train. We took a train to the nearest metro, and then took the metro all the way down (the correct way this time). After taking the metro, it was another 20-30 minute bus ride to Porta di Roma. We missed (or you know, just didn’t see) our stop, so we rode it to the end of the line, which was two stops back. Thank the lord that it wasn’t too far of a walk.

Well, we'll eat crappy food instead
So, we get off the bus, and start walking…in the wrong directly. We ran into a small German family, and they were asking us where to buy tickets (in mixed English/German) so at least I could help them there. Then in return, they told us the proper way to go to find the galleria. As soon as we started walking, it started to rain. We had a good 10-15 minute walk ahead of us and neither of us had decided to bring a rain jacket or umbrella with us that morning. I took off my scarf and used it as a headscarf, and we hauled it up a hill to find the entrance to the galleria.

Only because Kebabs weren't ready :(
Once we got there finding the apple store was a piece of cake. The only issue was translating the rough half Italian/half English that the man at the apple store was speaking while trying to explain to me what the process was. It just so happened that my Apple Care had ended three days earlier, but then the man that was helping me talked to his manager and had the fees waived. He fixed my computer for free, and what is supposed to take three hours, ended up taking only an hour and a half. In that time, we wandered over to Media World to try and see if they had a case for my hard drive (they did), and then grabbed some lunch.

Jo needed an international phone, so we found a store while waiting as well!
We slowly walked back to the Apple Store to pick up my computer and everything was perfectly fixed! I could not be more thankful for the manager who helped me so much by waving the fee for me, and for the guys at the apple store who were so accommodating and spoke to me in very slow, Italian and English.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you when you were on vacation?

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