To My Favorite Roman Building: The Colosseum

I have a favorite Italian city, dish, gelato flavor, word, and even time of day. But I have to devote a post, out of all these things, to my favorite Italian building (can it even be called a building ). Well, it's more monument than building, but same difference. 

This past semester I took a class called Sport and Spectacle, featuring ancient-medieval-modern day sports and spectacles. The focus of the class was distinguishing what was a sport and what was a spectacle. It was primarily focused on the Romans, so we spent a lot of time talking about the types of buildings that they held sports and spectacles in. 

We talked about bath houses, ampitheathers, theaters, and even circus'. My absolute favorite of all these buildings has to be the monumental Colosseum. I started out college in Architecture, and stayed in it for quite some time. There's just something about the architecture of buildings, old and new alike, that I just become so obsessed with. 

So, while I was in Rome I spent a lot of time around the building. I took pictures, went inside, took a tour, and even climbed up a huge hill to get a different view of it. We went back at midday, sunset, and night time, just to see how the building would look at different times of night. 

I've included some of my favorite pictures here, but they're definitely not the only pictures I've taken of the building. One day we went it was insanely cloudy and right after I snapped a couple of pictures the skies opened up and it began to pour (you can see the grey skies in some of the pictures above). 

Honestly, the reason why I love it so much is because of how it has been able to withstand everything. It's survived so many things, and if the walls of the building could talk, I wonder what they would say. 

Do you have a favorite monument or building? 

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