The Tale of the Broken Luggage

I am awful at unpacking/repacking my stuff. Whenever we go on vacation, whether it be for three days or an entire month, I normally will not unpack my stuff. Not really because I dont' like unpacking or because I'll forget something, but simply because of the fact that I'm lazy. 

Just like before, while in Italy we were about halfway through the first week on the program and I still hadn't unpacked everything. I decided it was time, only to go into my suitcase and find that it was broken....This wouldn't be a problem but you see, I borrowed this suitcase from a family friend. So I immediately took pictures and sent it to my dad seeing what he would say to do. 

His immediate response? Bring it to a seamstress....okay dad....So while I was talking to one of the girls who was there (who is basically a home-maker/goddess at all things domestic), she told me to show her what happened, she could probably fix it. I pulled up the pictures as quickly as I could and showed her and her response, "Oh honey, you need an industrial hook needle to fix that. It's better to just chunk it." 

After figuring out it would be just wayy to expensive to try and bring it to a seamstress, I told my dad I was chunking it and we would figure out what to do later. The next challenge was finding new luggage as soon as possible. I went to the department store called Upim and stood infront of the luggae for a good half an hour before deciding on a size and color and just heading out. All in all, it could have been worse, so I wasn't too worried, and it got my stuff home (which is the most important part)!

Have you ever had luggage break on you while you were on vacation? Just me? 


  1. Hahaha I've definitely had to purchase a suitcase overseas before - but mainly bc I would ahve busted my backpack had I tried to put anymore in it :)

    1. Haha, that sounds about right. It was actually a blessing in disguise since I had to buy a new one. It just meant that I could buy more souvenirs!
      xo, Maria

  2. Those are too cute and a great way to easily identify your bag when traveling! I'm going to print some out for our next trip! Click This Link


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