The Story of How My Computer Crashed in Venice

Pre-crashing computer: Jo eating her delicious pastries from the cutest bakery in Venice
There are some things that you never imagine would happen to you, yet you prepare for them anyways. My computer crashing in Venice was one of those things. Before I left for this trip, I thought to myself “hm, lemme back up my computer, just in case anything should happen.” Thank the lord that I did that, because that’s exactly what my computer did.

Pre-crashing: sometimes you just need an American dinner, even if it isn't very delicious
We were in Venice, and it was the final day of us being there and we had checked our bag at the Venice train station so we could wander throughout the city without having to carry our luggage with us. I had put my computer in my book sack, and I thought it was off. That night our train wasn’t scheduled to leave until midnight. We were literally on the last train out of the city to Rome, and it was going to take six hours to get back to Rome. I planned on submitting my portfolio for the week and submitting my essay in the Venice train station. That didn’t exactly happen.

Pre-crashing: My first Kinder Sopresa surprise
I opened my computer maybe around 6pm to start submitting assignments and it wouldn’t turn on. I freaked out for a minute, but my computer had flashed a world once before and so I thought it may be okay. I shut my computer down, force shut it down, and waited. And waited. And waited. Then, I started crying, in the Venice train station.

Annnnd the crashing begins
I took a video and sent it to my dad over the free texting app we had been using, and the only thing he could tell me was look for an apple store when you get back to Rome. Simple enough, right? Wrong. We have class literally all day, from 8am to dinner around 7pm. So getting to an apple store would mean getting out of class for the day. After talking with my teacher for about an hour, we decided I could go on the coming Thursday. I made an appointment and waited. But more on that later.


Have you ever lost any of your electronics while you were on vacation? 

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