The Glass in Murano

I had never heard of the island Murano before going to Venice and seeing Murano glass all over the island. Whenever we would talk to any of the locals, they advised us to visit two places: a mask factory, and a glass blowing factory [we did both]. Growing up, we visited a few glass blowing factories as a family. My brother became obsessed and once talked about how he wanted to do that professionally. Needless to say, he's a chef now.

Since the 10th century, Murano has been known for their glass making skills, and I have to admit it's absolutely beautiful. We visited an artist' shop and factory, and we all bought something there. Joanna bought some glass pastries, since she loves to bake, and I bought a family of five elephants [they're my absolute favorite]. Around the island there are glass sculptures everywhere. It was beautiful walking around and turning a corner and being surprised by yet another sculpture.

Have you ever heard of Murano? Or do you have any glass from there? 


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this! I've never heard of Murano but this is awesome!

    1. Murano was such a great place to go. If you ever have a chance, I would definitely suggest it!


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