The Blue Grotto of Death

On the list of things to see when we went to Italy, and Capri specifically, the Blue Grotto was high on the list. Well you see, we had a near death experience there, and while I can be over dramatic most times, this time was no joke. 

We went to the Blue Grotto as soon as it opened, hoping to beat the crowds. We were second in line and got in a boat in about 10 minutes. We must have gotten a bad boat man or whatever, but he wasn't very nice. We tried to fit five people in a boat (DUMB), but they wouldn't let us take two boats. So, instead he shoved us all into one boat. Now, we have to all lay down in the boat so that the boat doesn't hit the top of the rocks. 

So we're going into the cave and a wave comes and the boat goes straight into the rocks. The guy who's steering goes to lay to one side but can't since there are FIVE OF US in a boat. The girls in the back get soaked, since the boat literally goes under water. Now at this time, we had all of of stuff with us since we had to check out of the hotel. The front of the boat, where I was, got hit with the chain in the face. 

We had our cameras with us (all of them costing at least $1,500) so the first thing that we do is check our cameras. You get about five minutes total in the cave, so the first three minutes we all spent making sure our cameras were still working. The last two minutes were spent actually looking around and admiring where we were. 

Where was the first place that you ever visited? 


  1. these photos are so fun!! I studied abroad last summer and loved it :)

    1. It was SUCH a great experience. I think that if anyone has a chance, go!


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