Shopping Haul: Gap & The Loft

When we went to Florida with my family, we took one day that it was insanely hot outside and went shopping at the outlet mall. My favorite places to stop there are always Gap, Loft, and Banana Republic. Y'all I bought so much. So today, you'll get to see what I bought from Gap & Loft! I'll tell y'all all about Banana Republic later, I may of spent wayy to much money there. 

The first place that we went to see was Gap. Usually I can find a ton of stuff there, but that day I just wasn't feeling much of the clothes that we saw there. The one thing that I did find though were two pairs of yoga pants. I live in these during the fall/winter months, between going to workout or going to school, they're pretty much my favorite article of clothing. 

After we headed down to The Loft. I wish we had one of these around where I live. We've got a normal loft, but we don't have a loft outlet. This store was HUGE. My little sister and I spent about 30 minutes just walking around and looking at things. I ended up only walking out with six tops, which is a miracle. My favorite purchase? The green and blue jersey tank top. It's so comfortable and actually really form fitting. 

What's your favorite store to go shopping in?

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