On the Road to Rome: Flying There

Today was the longest day in the entire world. I spent it traveling all day and I never really thought that traveling was tiring before, but dear god it is. My plane from New Olreans à D.C. was actually really good. I was quite nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had an aisle seat so it wsn’t so bad. I sat next to two older women who were friendly, but didn’t really say much. When we got to DC we had to book it through the airport to get to our next gate so we could fly DC à Munich. We weren’t running through the airport but we were pretty darn close. This was the long flight. Luckily I sat next to a guy named Brandon (I think, I was pretty out of it by this time), who was a junior from the University of Maryland. He was really nice and we chatted for a bit.

It was about an 8.5 hour flight to Munich, so I decided to watch a couple of movies. I ended up watching Oz, the great and the powerful, Les Mis (AMAZING) and Playing for Keeps (actually quite cute). I thought I was going to get some sleeping done but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I may have slept about an hour tops. 

Finally we arrived in Munich and had about an hour and a half layover until our flight to Rome. By this time I was done. I was so tired that I didn’t think I could really move anymore. We found out where our flight was and then sat down to have a panino and some coffee. After we finished the other two girls and I just talked for a little bit sense we were always separated on the plane, which was fun.

The second they called us to board for our flight to Rome, which was only about an hour, I passed out. I ddin’t wake up until we landed in Rome (the best sleep ever). After we tried to find our luggage, which I missed mine but luckily one of the girls grabbed it for me, and then to find our program directors. 

I was then put in a taxi, by myself, with a very chatty taxi driver. Finally we got to the apartment and another person from our program was waiting for me outside. She showed me around and brought me to the apartment which is HUGE. I love it here. I then preceded to find my bed and pass our for about three hours.

What is your worst/best flying experience? 

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