Musical Monday's: Daft Punk

Another one of those songs that we first heard was in Italy would be Daft Punk's song, Get Lucky. Now, I like Daft Punk. I'm not a huge fan, meaning that I don't know every one of their albums and every one of their songs, but whenever one of their songs either comes on the radio or comes on my iPod, I normally really like it. 

This song will forever hold a place as one of my favorite songs solely because while we were in Italy, my friends boyfriend from Ireland came to visit and stay with us for a little bit. He and I would go back and forth making up lyrics to this song because we could never understand/remember what they said whenever they say "up all night to have fun, up all night to get some, up all night for good fun, up all night to get lucky" or something along those lines. 

Again, it's just one of those reallly fun songs that I'll forever remember and think back to the time we were dancing in our car while driving through the mountains of Tuscany and trying not to get lost. Some of my favorite memories have this song in the background. 

What songs have you been loving lately? 


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    1. Isn't it just insanely catchy?! It's one of my favorites so far this summer!
      xo, Maria

  2. How funny–I've been obsessed with this song lately! I really need to make an effort to listen to more of their stuff!

    1. You really should! A lot of their stuff is really different/electronic, which is why I think a lot of people don't really listen to them. But they're so much fun to listen to! Especially during the summer.
      xo, Maria


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