Musical Mondays: Bon Iver

Going on the plane was an interesting experience for me. I wasn't really sure what to expect since the last time I had been on a plane I was 11 years old, which doesn't really count. Since I was traveling for over 15 hours, I figured I'd just sleep on the plane and not really worry about it too much. 

On the way there, I did not sleep at all. I ended up watching three movies, reading a little bit, and maybe napping for about thirty minutes. Other than that I talked to my seat mate and looked outside. I hate heights, but something about flying is really soothing to me. 

The way back, was a completely different story. I was so tired and I knew that I wanted to sleep a little bit, like two hours minimum. WRONG. I only slept for about an hour. It was at the end of the flight when I started to listen to Bon Iver, both albums. Something about his voice is just so soothing. 

The song above is one of my favorite ones, ever. He's got a lot of different songs and so it's hard for me to pick just ONE as my favorite. But on the plane home, I had this one on repeat. A lot of his music have a special place in my heart that remind me of a specific time period, so if I ever want to riminisnce I just have to listen to his first album over and over. 

What is your favorite song to fall asleep to? 

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