How Six Twenty Year Old Girls Got Lost Their First Day In Rome:

Rome, Italy

The American University in Rome -- Our University for the month 
I was going to entitle this post: The Great Roman Adventure, but then decided not to....This post will literally be about our very first night in Rome. How we got hopelessly lost, and how our program director was FREAKING OUT when we finally showed up to the restaurant for our Welcome Dinner. 

The first course at our restaurant was always bruschetta. 
After we had all gotten dropped off at the apartment  we slept for about three hours. When we all finally woke up from napping, we decided to start getting ready and head to dinner since, according to our person who explained everything to us, ‘it is super easy to find the restaurant’. WRONG. We couldn’t find the bus she was talking about, because it wasn’t a bus it was a trolly/amtrac/train thing, so we decided to walk. Little did we know that we went the ‘long way around’.  And by taking 'the long way around' I mean we got hopelessly lost in Rome. 

Then we got some sort of pasta! 
We later found out that instead of going left out of our apartment and then straight down the street we lived on, we were supposed to turn left out of our apartment and then go left down the street at the crosswalk and straight ahead. But those weren't the instructions we were given, and the map we were given didn't have any street names on it...super helpful, right? 

Just for the welcoming dinner did we get a meat dish -- not gonna lie, it was super sketchy (the potatoes were good though)

It took us about an hour and a half, but since we had only budgeted about 30 minutes to get there we were insanely late for dinner. We were only supposed to need about 30 minutes, but you know getting lost kind fo slowed things down a bit. By the time we got there, everyone had been worried and looking for us, and we were just tired, hungry and fed up. By this point, all six of us wanted to go home, and not as in back to our apartment; home as in back to America. We were all on the verge of tears, or about ready to explode with anger. 

And our favorite desert -- tiramisu 

The food was amazing, and there were about five courses, which is a TON of food. We ate everything they gave to us, and then after dinner was over we tried to walk home. The operative word being tried here. 

Part of where we got lost -- but in the daytime
We asked our professors to walk us home so we could actually see where we were going and then ended up getting lost, again. It took us a good hour- hour and a half to get home but when we finally found it, we were relieved. We showed our professors around our apartment and then all quickly showered and fell asleep. Needless to say after the first day that we had, we were exhausted. We had an interesting day to say the least, and by the time we got home we were ready for whatever Rome had for us in the next month. 

Have you ever gotten hopelessly lost on vacation? Or even at home? 


  1. oh man,what a crappy way to be introduced to rome! i think being lost in a foreign country,at night,and they don't speak english would be so scary! glad you all made it out safely tho!! hope the rest of your trip was better :)

    1. The rest of my trip was definitely a ton better! I feel like I learned a lot, and really I was able to see SO much in the short amount of time that I was there. Thanks for stopping by!
      xo, Maria

  2. Being lost in another country (especially the airport on the way home)is such a fear of mine!

    1. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If it wouldn't have been the first day, I don't think it would have been bad at all. It definitely didn't help that we were all exhausted and hungry! Plus we all made it out just fine, so there's that as well.
      xo, Maria


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