Fourth of July Festivities!

Fourth of July Fun

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For the fourth of July, I'll be going to Texas with three of my friends to visit our other friend who lives there. We'll be going to the beach, and just hanging out. The last time I went to Texas, it was my first time there, and it was just with one of my other friends. I talked about how it was such a last minute decision to go and visit our friend, and the insane amount of food that we ate, oh and some more food.

I'm so excited that our whole friend group will be getting together for the first time since we all left the sorority house. Four of us will pack into a car and drive down to Texas as soon as one of our friends gets off of work. I'm sure I'll have loads of pictures and fun stories when I get back!

It's a little different type of celebration for me this year, because normally I head down to my grandparents fishing camp down in Cocodrie with my family. That was originally my plan, but when I got home from Italy one of the first texts I got was from my friend inviting me to go see her. Of course since it's been forever since I've seen her I had to say yes! I'm sure our festivities will include the usual hot dogs and hamburgers as well as fireworks. 

What are your plans for the fourth of July?

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