Field Trip Friday: Cittavecchia

We always joke that my friend Casey was forever in our pictures -- though sometimes she made the pictures great
Today I want to talk about the different field trips that we took on Fridays. There were three Friday's total that we had field trips, the last Friday being our final review day. We went to Cittavecchia, Ostia Antica, and a Riserva. Originally I was going to just have three different posts, full of pictures of all the places that we went, but instead I decided to combine them and just do one or two posts with a ton of pictures. So I'm warning you now, this is going to be a long post and a very picture heavy post! 

The first field trip that we went on was to a place called Cittavecchia. The name literally means Old Town, which is fitting since it was an old sea port, and it was where the most etruscan ruins were found. They've also got an Etruscan museum with a ton of stuff in it, which is rare because since a lot of their items were made with clay or other very breakable materials  a lot of stuff did not survive. What did survive, it's pretty much guaranteed that it's in this small little museum.

It was quite interesting trying to get to Cittavecchia because you have to take a train from Rome, then a bus to the teeny tiny town. Well, it was freezing this day and none of us really dressed properly enough for the cold because we liked to believe that we knew better and that it would warm didn't. So after we got off of the train, we had to go wait for a huge bus. Well, it took 45 minutes for the bus to come, and since the wind was blowing so hard we were all FREEZING cold. There wasn't anywhere to hide out, so we would huddle together and try and use body heat. 

After we saw the museum, we walked about 30 minutes to see the Etruscan houses, which for me was really awesome. Since we wanted to go to Venice that day, and our train was for around 6pm, we had to get back as soon as possible. So we only spent about an hour walking around the Etruscan ruins, but once you've seen one you've pretty much seen them all. So we started to walk back, and when we finally got to the bus stop we didn't know what to do because the town was shut down since it was around lunch time. 

We looked really confused, the bus was coming (we saw it this time), and luckily this man helped us. We were speaking a mixture of broken English and Italian. He said to follow him onto the bus, so we did, and then to get off when he got off. Now I know what you're thinking, this sounds insanely sketchy. Quite honestly it was one of the least sketchy things that we did. He took us all the way back to the train station, and we were able to find our train back to Rome.

We spent a good part of the day here, looking around at the museum, then eating lunch, and then going see the other old ruins. It was a lot of fun, but quite honestly you don't need to spend  a whole lot of time there. Sometimes it seems as if we spend a lot of time in places where we only need to spend a few hours, and not enough time in places that we want to spend hours upon hours. 

What is your favorite small town/city you've been to? 

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