Dear Venice, I Loved You


There is so much to say about Venice, yet the pictures just seem to speak for themselves here. We got to Venice around 10pm at night, and then walked around to find our hostel, which was damn near impossible, but that needs a post by itself.

When we got to Venice, it was super late and the tide was coming in, so Venice was literally flooded in places. We didn't realize it was going to do this, and none of us had brought any shoes that would help us here (I was in keds...) so we waded through water in the freezing cold weather to get where we needed to go. 

After we found our hostel friday night we showered and then passed out. The next day was when I took all of these pictures. I took about 600 pictures the entire day, but it was the first weekend and I was in awe of everything that we were seeing. 

We bought a map, though it didn't help us navigate Venice all that much because Venice is possibly the most confusing city that we visited. We saw St. Mark's Basilica  The Doges Palace, and the Torre dell'Orologio ( a clock tower), saw a ton of gondolas (but didn't go on one because they're insanely expensive), ate a TON of food, toured the grand canal, ate a ton of gelato, saw the Rialto Bridge, drank some wine, I ate some odd seafood, and even went to a mask making factory and watched a guy work! [I may or may not have walked around for the rest of the day singing Mascarade from the Phantom of the Opera].

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, because the city is so beautiful and so full of history. We only spent one full day in the city, because we went to Murano on Sunday (but that city deserves it's own post as well). I would love to go back when I'm older, during the winter time. 

You're probably like, I'm sorry what, the winter? But yes, winter. There aren't any (or very many) tourists during the winter time, and there were just so many people during the summer (and it's just getting worse as the summer goes on) that it got to be a little ridiculous. 

Have you ever been to Venice? Would you like to go there one day? 

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