Summertime Sandals

Summertime Sandals

A|Wear strappy sandals, $23 / Flat shoes / Dorothy Perkins flat shoes
Flat shoes, $35 / GUESS shoes / Nine West shoes

During the summertime, it's too freaking hot to wear anything but sandals or open toed wedges/heels. Personally, I have wide feet so it's impossible for me to find simple shoes that I like. Like the two pairs on the top, right column. I have to wear something that keeps my foot in! 

There are so many different options for sandals during the summer that sometimes it can be hard to choose. I really don't like things between my toes (yes, I'm aware I'm sort of picky), so the bottom two shoes. I've only really got two pairs of flat sandals that I wear all the time, but I'm looking for some new pairs. 

What shoes do you wear during the summertime? 

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!

Today, my little sister turns 18 years old....what? It's crazy to think that she's eighteen. It seems like yesterday that she was seven and wouldn't get out the pool unless you dragged her out of it. She's going to college this year, which is another really weird thing to think about. She's a great person, and she's going to enjoy college (at least I hope so!). 

Happy Birthday, baby sister. 

Musical Mondays: Ed Sheeran

I've talked about my love of anything British before, many times quite honestly (maybe too many??...nah). So whenever my roommate has some new music she always shares it with me. So whenever she discovered Ed Sheeran a million years ago, she directly sent me his album with instructions to listen. 

For some reason, out of all of his songs that I've listened to, my favorite song of his is called Drunk. I'm not really sure why. No, I don't wake up drunk everyday, nor do I wish I would wake up drunk everyday. His other song that's really popular, The A-Team, is really good. But at the same time I feel like something is missing from the song. 

Have you ever heard anything by Ed Sheeran? Did you like it? 

The Glass in Murano

I had never heard of the island Murano before going to Venice and seeing Murano glass all over the island. Whenever we would talk to any of the locals, they advised us to visit two places: a mask factory, and a glass blowing factory [we did both]. Growing up, we visited a few glass blowing factories as a family. My brother became obsessed and once talked about how he wanted to do that professionally. Needless to say, he's a chef now.

Since the 10th century, Murano has been known for their glass making skills, and I have to admit it's absolutely beautiful. We visited an artist' shop and factory, and we all bought something there. Joanna bought some glass pastries, since she loves to bake, and I bought a family of five elephants [they're my absolute favorite]. Around the island there are glass sculptures everywhere. It was beautiful walking around and turning a corner and being surprised by yet another sculpture.

Have you ever heard of Murano? Or do you have any glass from there? 

The Blue Grotto of Death

On the list of things to see when we went to Italy, and Capri specifically, the Blue Grotto was high on the list. Well you see, we had a near death experience there, and while I can be over dramatic most times, this time was no joke. 

We went to the Blue Grotto as soon as it opened, hoping to beat the crowds. We were second in line and got in a boat in about 10 minutes. We must have gotten a bad boat man or whatever, but he wasn't very nice. We tried to fit five people in a boat (DUMB), but they wouldn't let us take two boats. So, instead he shoved us all into one boat. Now, we have to all lay down in the boat so that the boat doesn't hit the top of the rocks. 

So we're going into the cave and a wave comes and the boat goes straight into the rocks. The guy who's steering goes to lay to one side but can't since there are FIVE OF US in a boat. The girls in the back get soaked, since the boat literally goes under water. Now at this time, we had all of of stuff with us since we had to check out of the hotel. The front of the boat, where I was, got hit with the chain in the face. 

We had our cameras with us (all of them costing at least $1,500) so the first thing that we do is check our cameras. You get about five minutes total in the cave, so the first three minutes we all spent making sure our cameras were still working. The last two minutes were spent actually looking around and admiring where we were. 

Where was the first place that you ever visited? 

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