My First DIY...ever

 I'm not that crafty of a person, and when it comes to creating things all by yourself you can just count me out. I would rather call my dad to help me, or get my mom to help out than figuring out how to be super crafty and create something out of nothing, it's just not me. 

But when I saw this trinket holder (yes, that is defintiely the technical name) in a local thrift store the other day, I knew I had to get it. See, I have this massive collection of nail polish. And I feel like I'm add more all the time, especially when I get tiny samples in my BirchBox or there's a sale at Zoya. Even my Christmas in July partner knew to get me nail polish. 

Needless to say I've been running out of places to put my nail polish. I'm a creature of habit, so a lot of the time I'll paint my nails the same two or three colors for a month or two. Usually I paint my nails twice a week, since my nails chip really easily or because I just get bored with the colors. 

But back to the trinket holder. It was this awful blue color to begin with, and while normally it wouldn't have been a problem, my walls are already a very  light blue, so I didn't want to put a blue holder on my wall. So I decided to paint it white...that took a lot longer than I thought it would. 

I only did one coat, and I actually like how it looks. It's definitely not perfect, but I like it that way. Plus, this way I can rotate my nail polish to the front and I can actually see what colors I have!
How do you store your nail polish? Do you  have a massive collection like I do? 

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