Musical Mondays: Panic At The Disco

Once upon a time, I really had a thing for this silly band called Panic! At The Disco. The other day, or you know a few weeks ago, I was driving around in my car with the windows down music blaring and this song came on. Suddenly I remember falling in love with this song, and this crazy band. 

Their first album was all dance music, something that I was super into at the time. I remember when this video came out and I would race home from school just to try and catch the last few minutes of TRL before heading to do homework or going to dance or gymnastics. 

Apparently, they're stil together which makes the 13 year old in me extremely happy. I don't really remember their most recent album, but I'm pretty sure it was a lot different from their first, and I just wasn't really into it. 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

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