Musical Mondays: One Direction

I know, you're looking at the title and you're probably like, I'm sorry what? But it's true, I kind of love One Direction. You see, my roommate loved them quite a lot for a little bit, and by chance I started to really like them too, though it took longer for me to fall in love. 

I refer to the song above as "Bad Girl" even though it's called Everything About You because one night we were driving around in the car, and I swore the lyrics were 'you know I've always got you bad girl' not 'you know I've always got your back girl'. It makes total sense. 

Ever since then, I've had issues remembering the names to the songs, so I just describe them and we created fun little new titles for the songs that kind of just stuck. For example, Live While We're Young is called Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, One Thing is called I've Tried Playing It Cool, and I would is called the Spelling Song. 

While they're music is just silly boy band music that we love listening to, it doesn't help that these boys are seriously attractive. Personally, I think Liam is the greatest, but my roommate would disagree with me. All in all, they're just a cute little boy band from Britain having fun with their music, and I'm not gonna lie, I kinda love it. 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

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