Musical Mondays: Childish Gambino

Warning: The song above contains A TON of explicatives, so if that kind of things offends you, don't listen to it. Don't say I didn't warn you. Anyways, back to the real reason for this post, I am OBSESSED with Childish Gambino, who's real name is Donald Glover. He's on Community, so if you've watched that show, you're now officially my new best friend. 

Anyways, when I run, nine times out of ten I've got Childish Gambino yelling at me to go faster and to keep a good tempo. There's something about his rapping/music that I love, plus he's an awesome person. 

I've only got a few of his albums/mix tapes, but you can best believe that soon enough I'm going to be getting everything he's released (which is not something that I do often). He went to NYU's Tisch school for the arts, in case my praise of him isn't enough to convine you to listen to him.

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

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