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Well, I'm still in Italy but I just popped onto Bloglovin' for the first time since I've been in Europe (which was terrifying how many blog posts that I've missed), and apparently Google Reader is disappearing  which I'm going to assume means that Google Friend Connect is going to go away as well.

This is what my 'home page' for Bloglovin' looks like!

So if you follow via GFC right now, you can go ahead and click HERE to go to Bloglovin' to follow. Personally, I love Bloglovin' as a way to follow blogs just because it makes it so much easier.

This is what my blogs page looks like! Haven't really been updating since I've been here 

If you don't want to sign up for Bloglovin'  you an always have the blog posts delivered to your email! Just enter your email address below!

PS: This is a super good post that tells you exactly how to move your blogs from GFC to Bloglovin', and from Google Reader to Bloglovin'.

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Do you like Bloglovin'? Do you use it or not so much?

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